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NESLight Flexible LED Tubing(T-Series) 

001_Flexible LED Tube_001.jpg

No. Model No. Color Size Langh Watt Volt 
1 FLT-1426R-20F-42W24V Red W:14mm x H:26mm 20f 42 24
2 FLT-1426G-20F-42W24V Green W:14mm x H:26mm 20f 42 24
3 FLT-1426B-20F-42W24V Blue W:14mm x H:26mm 20f 42 24
4 FLT-1426W-20F-42W24V White W:14mm x H:26mm 20f 42 24

A range of LED Neon tube. This highly flexible LED Neon rope light operates from 12V/24V. Suitable for a massive range of applications including as a low cost and energy efficient LED Neon alternative to traditional glass Neon. Combining the latest LED Neon Lighting technology in an ultra flexible and optically engineered structure for long life and durability

This range of mains operated LED Neon lighting is supplied with a  color jacket which matches the color of the light emitted when turned on, so in daylight the design can be seen without power.

The LED Supplies Flexible LED Neon Rope light is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and comes with a range of optional connectors for ease of installation.

Bright, wide viewing-angle LEDs offer intense, uniform glow for perimeter/accent lighting
Operating temperature -40° C to +70° C
Prewired, completely sealed, waterproof tubes can be cut-to-fit, spliced and resealed
Optically modified silicone extrusion: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, non-fading
Convenient mounting clips and 5 ft (1,5 m) mounting tracks
50.000 hours 
3 Year warranty

Max.Loading Length 33Ft  - 12V/24V DC

Contact us for more information and delivery time.

Available in 6 colors :White , Red, Yellow ,Orange , Blue and Green .
Also available in RGB

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