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Date : 13-04-29 14:20     

 Flexible LED NEON_002.jpg NESLight Flexible LED Neon FEATURES

- Electricity consumed is small (6W per 1M)
- Have a long Life (LED can be used 50,000h)
- Cover composed of silicone
- Flexible work because of easy working process.
- Various applied field
- You can attach anywhere without frame low manufacturing expenses
- Composed of 6 fluorescence silicon colors

LED Neon other materials Connector, Ending cover a support

Flexible LED NEON_200x150_002.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_003.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_013.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_004.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_005.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_001.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_007.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_008.jpg
Flexible LED NEON_200x150_009.jpg

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